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See the visible benefits

The IAMS® Naturally range provides both dogs and cats with a 100% complete and balanced diet. The range is made with a selection of highly digestible natural ingredients for visibly healthy, strong and happy pets.  

The highly digestible ingredients mean pets can absorb nutrients from their food, helping them to look and feel great on the inside and out.

Make Every Bowl Count

Explore the regions

IAMS Naturally is made with highly digestible natural ingredients.

New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand's sheep and cattle are raised in free-range open fields year-round

North Atlantic Salmon

North Atlantic Salmon spend part of their lives in freshwater and part in salt water

Ocean Cod

Cod is one of the world’s favourite fish, with a tasty flavour

Wild Tuna

Wild tuna are an oily fish that can grow up to a huge 700kg

I am more than just a pet. I am an IAMS pet.