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What dogs eat isn’t always what dogs need.

The high quality protein brand IAMS now introduces IAMS Chews range, a healthy way to treat dogs. What dogs eat isn’t always what they need! It can be very tempting to treat your playful companion to a couple of small leftovers from your plate or give them a quick treat to keep them occupied during the day – however they won’t thank you for it later! Thanks to IAMS’ brand new range of nutritious dog treats, you can now treat your dog with IAMS while looking after their health and teeth at the same time. 

Make Every Bowl Count

Two tasty flavours

New IAMS Chews can be used to treat dogs in between meals and offer additional benefits, keeping dogs entertained with long lasting chewing fun, helping maintain gum and dental health; demonstrating that giving rewards can also help keep dogs healthy. Not only have they low fat content (2% in Chicken and 6% in Pork), but they also have no added artificial colours or flavour enhancers. IAMS Chews has a complete range to suit every dog size and need.

Iams Chews Chewy Bones
Chewy Bones made from beef or pork hide with yummy chicken meat inside
Iams Chews Sticks
Chewy Sticks made from beef or pork hide with yummy chicken meat inside
IAMS Chews Sticks
I am more then just a pet. I am an IAMS pet.